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About the foolish mistakes of Dale Lee Gordon:

What you see below was a man who was broken. What you see above is a man who is healed through God's power. I was damaged goods but God helped me.  Evil plans failed and a rose blossomed from the pile of dung I was left in. Looking back I see that all the attacks of the enemy were to prove this Job was all in God's wonderful plans and for God's great glory. So in all this I come off with a Spirit of love and thankfulness that what they did was actually a favor to me. AMEN...

I am dropping a link off the upper menu bar because I consider this link of vital importance.  Jesus and I came to a major crossroads today and I found out an answer I asked GOD a month or two ago.  I asked GOD who rules this site.  Was this site in the grips of Satan's lies, or GOD's truth in love?  The Satan I speak of came in the form of a wicked pastor of a Sunday church here in Redding CA.  I know from the past even from an old girlfriend who at one time meant the world to me.  Her words echo like a bell, and even though the words were from an NIV Bible and not the time honored King James 1611, she said:  "The truth shall set you free." Well the truth did set me free.  I told truth in court and in prison even though truth in that evil place will get you killed.  
Well things are changing in my life and the good LORD's blessings are falling on me and this ministry which I created for Jesus Christ.  I started thinking to myself I am an ambassador for the Bible truth and for Jesus Christ Himself.  Now that my search engine rankings are increasing because God taught me truth of Search Engine Optimization no expensive book ever did.  In effort to spend time learning to get sites out to where people could read them I neglected the fact that truth needs to be told.  In telling the truth I will say a lot especially now that my Parole has ended.  What I will tell you is the truth from the Bible not some watered down garbage.  Part of that truth is I was working on all these sites thinking I had some sort of special favor in GOD's eyes.  We are not saved by works, but there is a balance.  I lost sight of what and who really saves us and the bottom line is it is LORD Jesus Christ.  I also learned even as a young Christian there is a lie in modern churches saying, "once saved is always saved!"  THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!  If the truth hurts you then these sites will hurt because the truth is GOD wants something from each and every man, woman and yes even child.  You cannot sit on your deathbed and decide you want Jesus now.  While I am not the Judge of that issue, nor would I ever say it is too late because I don't know.  Jesus knows and He is the answer to life and salvation.  We are saved by Jesus grace and not our own.  It is God who makes the decision who walks through the gates of heaven.  I have spent my time in the Bible and while I am rusty now, a product of Satan's seeds of discouragement, I still know a lot of truths.  I however, lost sight of them for a long time.  Satan quenched the fire in my heart for Jesus and right now I am just a little mad.  Satan is slowing this machine to a grinding halt, which means what I am saying is right.  I am seeing lies and deception growing in the church as people are wanting fame and money by selling Jesus.  Well let me tell you Jesus Christ is LORD and He and He alone paid a price for salvation.  
While sometimes we may want to sound a trumpet, ring a bell, and roll out the red carpet when the money goes in the tithe box or money bag.  (By the way as I hit the tab, Jesus Power just kicked in and my words are catching up with my remaining nine fingers.)  Let me tell you as Christians we owe the world an apology as we have distorted the truth in segregating churches.  It seems like we all have an interpretation of our own even Bibles of our own making and I personally apologize.  I have been ripped off by a Sunday pastor, Brock Dale Bernstein of River City Church in Redding California and I am sorry for his sins because it is people like him that use God for financial gain and personal glory.  We as Christians have failed because in a way we all want our own personal church to be GOD's true church.  While many are good, not all churches lead to the Promised Land.  I realized the name of this web site is Bible Heaven and now I realize though I picked a name at random it is not the church that will get us to heaven.  Pastors won't get us there either not with fancy enticing words or personal praise to the highest tithe.  Jesus praised the woman with two mites who gave all her living to God.  I know this will offend some but serving God is not about us.  I just finally decided what really matters and that the Bible was right all along. I am to love God and then fellow man.  I think I will anger some people, but I am choosing to please GOD.  Some of the promised work ain't happnin!  This is a full on Jesus web site and if you don't want the truth or rather some twisted form, you are losing your link and paying for your own site.  I have been carrying a lot of dead weight people who have provided little or nothing to this ministry will be gone.  GOD is restoring me but before He restores me I have to get right with God.  In doing so I can no longer be a friend to the world, because I am learning a hard lesson that in loving too much I am loosing sight of God and drifting further and further from God's shore and soon I will be in the wide open seas and never find the shore again.  Satan attacks in a way that is suttle.  When all seems right all can be wrong because Satan fights in the background.  Jesus please heal this computer!  A lot of people in this world don't love you, but rather pretend as long as you are pleasing them.  I have tried to please people and received little to nothing in return and more often than not curses in exchange for my blessings.  Friends this world is a lie, but GOD is the truth!  While I could pour out scripture after scripture I realize I am not the final answer or authority.  You need to read the Bible yourself and not have a site or a pastor pour it down you, because in this life there is no way out but Jesus.  I am trimming off some garbage from these sites and a lot of it is my own.  I created a monster and I can no longer keep up with it financially or in work and this site is only growing.  If you see something that just doesn't make sense let me know.  Friends tell friends when something is hanging from their nose, but to walk away without letting me know my folly does not help me.  Email me and let me know so I can find the garbage and change or delete it.  

Many people want the authority and power and money of course, but let me tell you so many of us leave Jesus out in the cold manger and I am guilty too.  If God is not here then I need to quit this entire ministry.  I am going to be writing letters to several people and letting them know they have to take over their sites.  What I volunteered to do I am breaking my promises.  People hate me anyhow.  To praise man I may gain friends but I know from experience that when a business shuts down those friends walk away because they were never your friends from the beginning.  I have lost more friendships than I ever gained and to be honest with you I only have a few true friends.  I know those who love me and I learned who the pretenders are.  I also learned today that Jesus and not Brock rules this site.  God never answered by fire, he answered to the power of a $1.00 stapler and a few staples worth a fraction of a penny.  As I cursed Brock and the stapler that I have worn out it never worked.  The staple that bound the eight page book I wrote today, "Carving New Stones" crimped perfectly at the name of Jesus.  I then challenged God saying if the next staple crimps at the name of Brock then Satan owns this site.  If it crimps at the name Jesus, then Jesus rules this site and I was serious.  Satan's staple jammed the stapler and I had to clear the mangled staple.  I crimped again at the name of Jesus, and the staple bound my book "Carving New Stones" perfectly even over one of Satan's old staple holes.  
Today I realized something I have not lost God's Spirit.  I thought God departed long ago and truly He left me for a time for me to figure out my own madness.  See I had to determine which God I would serve and I did, that God is Jesus.  Let me tell you this site is like none other, because I harbor truth.  Truth is not popular, but my sites are starting to stare top page ranking in the face, because GOD taught me how to build sites.  Truth doesn't please people, truth doesn't win popularity contests, truth won't make you rich and truth doesn't promise power, but truth promises you one thing and that is for sure:  

(John 8:32)  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.