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About Dale Lee Gordon's forgotten writings:

These are writings that were saved to my server last year, 2009, and are the only copies left in existence.  There are a lot of writings so I will break them down into pages.  I still have five to seven books, however I decide to format them, I need to publish.  I never was able to add a backup drive to www.bible-heaven.com when I first had money.  I purchased what I could when I could but sadly I was being ripped off by Satan, Brock Dale Bernstein as quick as he could.  I know now Brock Dale Bernstein maliciously attacked this ministry because he was jealous of what I was creating.  Sadly some of the writings are lost permanently such as a book I was instructed to write in a dream.  I spent an entire day writing it only for it to be destroyed a few days later when my computer crashed.  
What is the way out was done in early 2010 but forgotten on my hard drive.  So I am including it here...
God is with us...  
I'm Dreaming of Paradise...  

Perfection in beauty day after day.
At the rainbow's end an open door to show you the way.
Mountains moving, idols bowed down.
The Prince of Peace, Immanuel to show you around.
Tidings of peace, Jesus our friend.
Locked forever shut out is the man of sin.
Dreaming of love our nightmares have ceased.
We overcame through the prince of peace.
Behold a world where all things are new.
Let Jesus be your salvation and all your dreams will come true.

This is a file and this is the only copy and to be honest I forgot I even did it.  I have abandoned the email on the file for obvious reasons and never created the email  in the first place.  A frienemy helped to create the email with the associatd MySpace account I have all but abandoned.  I got tired of all the nonsense.  I would become friends with someone and others would leave because they didn't like them.  Hey I was reaching prostitutes and they were reading my writings.  I am a friend of people of all classes.  I better be I shop at food banks for groceries.